The Weekend - Chapter 1/? [ Visitor ]

Title: The Weekend
Type: Slash, Friendship, Snark, PreSlash, Series
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: 90210
Pairing: Liam Court/Teddy Montgomery
Setting: Sometime after Season 3 Episode 22 “To The Future!” (lost/hidden episode, between seasons)
Word Count: 4839
Summary: Everybody else is out on vacation during Summer Break, and Teddy is taking some downtime from working on his Tennis game. Out of the blue he get’s an unexpected visitor in Liam, who turns up due to his fishing boat docking for the weekend. After a while of hanging out, Teddy invites Liam to stay over until he has to go back. The two realise how little they’ve really hung out one-on-one, and start to figure out why; they’re both alpha males, different kinds of course but still. The more they hang out, the more they realise they like each other a lot more than they’ve really gotten the chance to. Maybe they like each other a little too much? Time will tell, but then nobody has to know what happens during this weekend, do they? Might be for the best.

Warnings: Rated PG-13 for homosexual situations and intended homoerotic relations, as well as some use of expletive language and use of mature situations. Due to episode setting, consider yourself warned on the spoiler front. This is a co-write so expect slight changes in character perspective from time to time. Teddy is written by me, ikarusphoenix, and Liam by letit_linger who has never even watched the show and only researched the characters via you tube clips! I think she did a great job, so please let her know what you think via comment. Thanks!

The Weekend - Chapter 1/? [ Visitor ] )


FIC: tearing down yellow tape (not done with scissors)

Title: tearing down yellow tape (not done with scissors)
Author: royal_chandler
Rating: R for language
Word Count: ~6,000 MW. Yeah, I don’t even know.
Pairing: Ian/Teddy
Summary: “That’s what Teddy couldn’t get past. If Ian couldn’t handle the secrecy, why hadn’t he said so? Why’d he have to go behind Teddy’s back and force him out of the closet anonymously? That act and the Ian he’d come to know don’t mesh. It plagues him, makes Teddy feel stranded, at a loss.”
Disclaimer: I do not own 90210 or any of its characters.
Spoilers/Warnings: 3.21 and an unfortunate abuse of dashes, ellipses and commas.
A/N: Ian and Teddy still go to the same school. I took that fact and ran wild with it because Teddy’s current pairing does nothing for me and I miss Kyle Riabko’s face. Unbeta'd so please feel free to point out any typos (or lack of coherency) you catch!

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Mod Post!

Hi all,

I’m the maintainer (and incredibly, inexcusably absentee member) of this community. I created this community with the intention of it being very active but due to a busy personal life and a growing disinterest in the show during the second season, the comm has not turned out the way I had planned. However, I’ve caught up with the show in the past few months and after careful reconsideration I’ve decided to revamp 90210_fic and give it some life.

This community is still the only one on LJ dedicated to general 90210 fanfiction and I’d like to see it have a greater presence.

So please post for the first time and/or keep posting and don’t be deterred by the lack of traffic! :)

Evening the Score with the Past - 90210 Oneshot - Teddy/MC

Title: Evening the Score with the Past
Fandom: 90210
Characters: Teddy, MC (it's not OMC because Teddy talks about him)
Pairing: Teddy/MC
Genre: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Un-beta
Rating: PG
Words Count:
A/N: This is the first time I try writing something with Teddy and actually finish it. I just had this idea of Teddy meeting that first guy he had feelings for in that school he was attending before going to West Bev. I don't remember if he ever said the name of the boy, so I just named him with the first name I could think of. Please, review even if this sucks!
Summary: Teddy finally has the chance to get what he had dreamed about when he couldn't let himself be honest about who he really was.

Evening the Score with the Past - 90210 Oneshot - Teddy/MC )
90210 - Ryan/Silver: Hanging on you

waking up to you never felt so real (1/10)

Title: waking up to you never felt so real
Author: cutebunny43 / mysweet_time
Pairing: Ryan/Silver
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Um, bad words, mentions of alcoholism, inappropriate relationship
Disclaimer: Don't be ridiculous
Chapter title: sinking in a sense of self
Summary: It didn’t really change anything if he was being completely honest.

( His heart ached more than just a little... )

90210 - Ryan/Silver: Hanging on you

losing everything on the downfall

Title: losing everything on the downfall
Author: cutebunny43 / mysweet_time 
Pairing: Ryan/Silver
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, kissage...er...crazy!Silver being crazy?
Disclaimer: Hah, you're joking, right? I don’t own 90210, its characters, nor the title of this story or the lyrics included. They’re from the song Downfall, by Trust Company. Go listen to it, it is made of WIN
Summary: She had no reasoning of boundaries and lines you weren’t supposed to cross, not now, not for a while now, and her logic was sound, at least in her own mind...

( Please, God, let her be okay... )

Bleach - Happy!Rukia

Laundry Day

Title: Laundry Day
Author: cutebunny43 / mysweet_time 
Pairing: Ryan/Silver
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Underage relationship (I guess, I don't actually state Silver's age), language, sexxx (but not really!)
Disclaimer: Hah, no
Summary: She gives him a smug, satisfied smirk, and something tells him he's lost whatever game he didn't even know they were playing.

( "Since when do you willingly do laundry?" )